New logo, hello!

I am very excited to show you my new logo! I loved my old one, but I’ve been feeling for a while that it wasn’t representing my photography that well anymore so I asked the lovely Jess from bower.edit to help me create a new one.

This is a big deal for me! I have always created my own logos in the past and I was very attached to my sun. So to celebrate the old as I move into the new, I thought it might be fun to take you through my previous logos and the thinking behind each one.

This was my first logo. I have always been inspired by the sun and its changing light, not to mention how cheery the sun is, so I knew I wanted the sun to be part of my logo. The blue line was meant to represent water and waves crashing on the beach.

I spent ages carefully drawing the sun to look like a sketch and I was very fond of it, so you can imagine how disappointed I was to discover it was too thin to stand out or be engraved/printed on anything! My first batch of business cards were a bit embarrassing, to be honest as the logo could barely be seen!

So I quickly thickened up my logo and lost my beautiful sun sketch. But it still wasn’t standing out, so I realised I needed to go bold!

That led me to this logo! Most people have probably never seen the full logo, thanks to social media preferring a 1:1 ratio and my choosing the smaller one for my watermark as well, but the full one is my favourite! I wanted to show the bold colours of the sun during golden hour and I had finally conceded that my straight blue line looked nothing like the waves and instead opted for the blue horizon. I then spent a long time searching for a script font that I liked as a signature. It was a labour of love but I wanted it to seem like I was signing my work. (I do see the irony that I ended up using the smaller logo without signature as my watermark!)

Over the last few months, I started to realise it was time for a change. My photography is driven by my desire to give families their moments to remember. Not only do children grow and change so quickly, but what I’ve come to realise through my own family is how a family relates to each other changes as the children grow. My little son won’t always run into my arms with glee each time I ask for a cuddle. My daughters won’t always whisper through fits of giggles to each other. I am thankful for each fleeting moment and interaction.

Jess suggested a dandelion to capture this idea of a moment in time. It was perfect! Dandelions mean so much to our little family. My eldest daughter was so fond of them when she was younger. She wouldn’t let us walk past a ‘yellow flower’ or a ‘wish flower’ without picking them and it was such an honour to be presented with one of her special yellow bouquets. She didn’t even realise they were the same flower. When her siblings came along, she shared her great love of dandelions with them and they all still feel great affection towards the little flowers. These are such happy memories for me and the perfect representation of my photography.

I still wanted the sun to be part of my brand, but I wanted its colours to be inspired by the softer colours of the sky at sunrise and sunset. I love watching what the sky does at these times and I often keep shooting at my sessions until well after the sun has set and the sky erupts into its evening colours.

Jess has gone above and beyond to create this beautiful logo to represent my photography and my passions behind it. I hope you enjoy seeing it around!